Counseling Session

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Mind, Thought Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Counselor: Hi
Client: Hi
Counselor: We have a counseling session for 30 minutes. We are starting on 4:35 PM. How may I help you today?
A good greeting with client is very important. In my point of view for having a good greeting at the first meeting the nonverbal actions are important equal as words which counselor says. Having a nice smile, showing the attention for entrance of client, the distances between the client and counselor’s chairs, counseling room atmosphere and etc can help the both client and counselor for making a good relationship. As you can see after I talked about our time, I move a little to showing Keat that I was with her. In our counseling session we should be aware of don’t using “problem”. As an example I use “How may I help you?” except “What’s your problem?” Client: I just came from the exam center, and I’m concern, WHY my name is not register? Counselor: Oh,....

Non verbal reflection for showing Keat that I mention to her completely. Client: I will have come up again on Monday. Waste a lot my time. Time is always a problem. I’m doing too many … This is not a problem. What is my main problem?

Counselor: You didn’t get your exam card.yeah?
Keat was thinking and it was better for me to be silent. I shouldn’t interrupt into her thinking. Client: How did it happen, because I paid online….
I’m to trying to figure out where is my will.
Counselor: What’s will?
I didn’t know the meaning of the “will”. And I know as a counselor I must to speak English as a native person. (I try my best to improve my language skills) Client: You don’t know the will. Will is …

Counselor: Aha… aha… You want to rewrite your will for yourself or for your children? Client: … That is my concern. Time is always a problem. I always work for myself… Counselor: You always work for yourself.

I also used non-verbal encouragement skills such as: Nodding, eye contact, body movement. Client: aha. I try to organize my time in my free time. So my mind is...
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