A Day in the Life of Project Manager

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A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

1. How effectively do you think Rachel spent her day?
Project is a complex, non-routine, one time effort that is limited by time, budget, resources and performance specifications and it’s implemented to meet the customer requirements. The following activities performed by Rachel are project related: a. Review project reports and prepare for the weekly status meeting – 25 min b. Participate in the progress review meeting – 45 min

c. Reviewing project assignments – 30 min
d. Listening to team mates – 20 min
e. Discussing the problem with John – 30 min
f. Exploring and getting the necessary equipments for the project – 30 min g. Exchanging information about technical requirements – 60 min h. Discussion with Mary (marketing manager), where she agreed to talk to her team members – 40 min i. Reviewing the impact the client’s requests could have on project schedule – 30 min j. Reviewing emails and project documents – 30 min

A few things are ordinary daily work that requires doing the same work repetitively. Time spent on these routine activities: a. Reviewing her schedule – 15 min
b. Discussing the project with her boss – 20 min
c. Updating boss on the key events of the day – 20 min
Time spent on non-project activities:
a. Socializing and catching up on personal news – 10 min b. Getting to her office and settling in – 10 min
c. Project status meeting delayed – 15 min
d. Gossiping with Edie – 30 min
e. Everyone getting on conference call and checking emails – 15 min f. Waiting in Mary’s office – 10 min
g. Going home – 30 min
Her efficiency would be calculated as:-
Total spend time
Efficiency = Direct project related work * 100

= 340/515 * 100
= 66.02%
She has an efficiency of 66.02% on the project. She is an efficient project manager to some extent. She has spent only 23.3% of her time on non project activities. 2....
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