Computer Science - Software Construction Midterm

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  • Published: May 26, 2013
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The University of British Columbia
CPSC 210 Midterm Examination February 8, 2012 - SOLUTIONS Time: 90 minutes Name (PRINT) (Last) (First)


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This examination has 12 pages. Check that you have a complete paper. Ensure you have access to the source repository that will be specified on the whiteboard. You may access this repository before you are told you can start the exam. We refer to the code in this repository as Prefuse in this exam. The only software authorized for use on this exam is Eclipse (with the Subclipse plugin) accessing the code we provide for the midterm and a web browser. The web browser may be used only to view the online Java 7 API available at: Answer all questions on this paper. Give short but precise answers. Work fast and do the easy questions first. Leave some time to review your exam at the end. The marks for each question are given in []. Use this to manage your time. Good Luck

Question 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL

Marks /7 /7 /6 /7 /5 /6 /38


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IMPORTANT: Questions 1, 2 and 4 apply to the prefuse system provided in the specified repository. Question 1. Intra-method Control Flow (Flowchart) [7 points] Draw a flowchart for the void clearAggregateMappings(int row, boolean update) method defined in the AggregateTable class of the prefuse.visual package.



140 false true 141‐143

145 true 146 false


Page 2


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Question 2. Inter-method Control Flow (Call Graph) [7 points] Draw a call graph starting from the IntIterator edgeRows(int node)

method defined in the Graph class of the package.

Do not include calls to methods
    in any Java library (where the packages starts with java.) or any class in a package starting with or any class in a package starting with or any...
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