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Computer Applications 1Name:Date:

Midterm Study Guide - 2012

Key Terms – write a definition and/or give an example for the following terms. • personal computer (types)
• mainframe computer
• supercomputer
• hardware
• software
• processing
• motherboard
• input devices
• output devices
• peripheral devices
• magnetic storage device
• malware
• adware
• spoofed
• phishing
• application software
• file management

What type of storage device is this? Label the storage device below as magnetic, optical, or flash memory.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens

What Habit did you have and what does it mean in your own words?

What are four key words or phrases to describe your Habit?

Explain how adopting this Habit can make someone a better student.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens – match the Habit with its definition

Be ProactiveThe “High” Way
Begin with the End in MindLife is an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Put First Things FirstIt’s “Me Time”
Think Win-WinWill and Won’t Power
Seek First to Understand, Then to Be UnderstoodYou Have Two Ears and One Mouth…Hel-lo! SynergizeI Am the Force
Sharpen the SawControl Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will

Word Program Window – label the Word program window with the terms below. Draw a line to each.

• Quick Access Toolbar
• Office Button
• Tab
• Ribbon
• Group
• Vertical Ruler
• Horizontal Ruler
• Status Bar
• Insertion Point
• View Buttons
• Scroll Bar
• View Ruler Button
• Horizontal Ruler
• Title Bar

Word Icon/Buttons – You should be able to identify these buttons on the formatting toolbar

• Undo Typing/Repeat Typing
• Bold
• Italic
• Underline
• Font Style
• Font Size
• Font Color
• Shading
• Borders
• Show/Hide ¶
• Text Wrap
• Clip Art
• Right Align
• Left Align
• Center
• Justify
• Print Preview

Application Software – Identify the following types of application software (draw a line to each)

Document productionDatabase managementSpreadsheetGraphic and presentation

Business Letter Format – Using the sample Business Letter, write useful information in the box below.

Word Keyboard Shortcuts - match the following command to the keyboard shortcut (draw a line)

• Center
• New
• Italic
• Cut
• Copy
• Paste
• Bold
• Save
• Underline
• Print
• Open

Microsoft Word – you should be able to do the following skills • Home Tab
o Font Group
• Change font, style, size, and color
• Bold, Italics, Underline
• Select Launcher and use Effects
o Paragraph Group
• Bullets
• Numbers
• Left Align
• Center
• Right Align
• Justify
• Line Spacing
• Shading
• Borders
• Show Hide ¶
• Select Launcher and Use Tabs and add 2 option in Leader Section • Insert Tab
o Adding Hyperlinks
o Illustrations Group
• Clip Art
• Page Layout Tab
o Page Setup Group
▪ Columns
o Page Background Group
▪ Page Borders
o Paragraph Group
• Spacing Before/After
o Arrange Group
• Text Wrapping
• Review Tab
o Proofing Group
▪ Spelling & Grammar Check
• Horizontal Ruler
o Inserting Tab Stops
o Changing Left and Right Indent Markers

Creating a Shaded List with Borders – using the list on the next page, follow the instructions to use tabs, borders and shading to reformat the list.

• On the horizontal ruler, insert left tab stops at 1”mark and 3 ½”...
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