Style Guide and Points

Topics: Style guide, Web page, Bibliography Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Lesson 1 (5.0 points)
1. When you format text, what are you changing? (1.0 points)  
2. How can you select a word in a Writer document? (1.0 points)  
3. When should you use the Undo command? (1.0 points)
4. Which type of font style makes the text look slanted? (1.0 points)  
5. Where are page numbers usually added in a document? (1.0 points)  
Lesson 2 (4.0 points)
1. What does Page Preview show you? (1.0 points)
2. What is a margin? (1.0 points)
3. What is the difference between portrait and landscape orientation? (1.0 points)  
4. What does PDF stand for? (1.0 points)
Lesson 3 (4.0 points)
1. List at least two general rules for formatting reports. (1.0 points)  
2. How should text on a title page be aligned? (1.0 points)
3. Which part of a report lists the parts of the report and the pages they are on? (1.0 points)  
4. Which part of a report discusses in detail the information or research the report was created to present? (1.0 points)  
Lesson 4 (5.0 points)
1. What is citation? (1.0 points)
2. In MLA style, how are the titles of shorter works written? (1.0 points)  
3. In MLA style, how are the titles of longer works written? (1.0 points)  
4. If a website or web page doesn't list the date it was published, what should you include in the citation? (1.0 points)  
5. If an entry in a bibliography is more than one line long, what should you do to the lines after the first line? (1.0 points)  
Lesson 5 (5.0 points)
1. What are columns? (1.0 points)
2. What does vertical mean? (1.0 points)
3. What buttons can you use to change the way the text in a document will be divided into columns? (1.0 points)  
4. What is column spacing? (1.0 points)
5. If you want to find a word or phrase in a document, what should you do? (1.0 points)
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