Complete the Table Below by Providing an Example of Poor Customer Service for Each of the Three Sectors and Then Describe the Implications of This Poor Customer Service.

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Complete the table below by providing an example of poor customer service for each of the three sectors and then describe the implications of this poor customer service.

Organisation type| Example of poor customer service| Implications of poor customer service| Commercial organisations(Morrisons)| I always shopped at Morrisons even after the revamp. The fresh prepared fruit had gone up from £1 to £1.25 and the ‘restaurant pizzas’ were 3 for £2: 50 the week before, but are now 3 for £ 3.00 so I went to Tesco and was surprised at the offers and they gave me £12 voucher off my next shop, when I spend £60. So, I am not going to shop at Morrisons.Again, a recent poll by Sun City “Morri-Poll” reveals the supermarket’s customers are fed up with posh displays such as “misty” exotic vegetables and delis. As one customer, who shopped in Morrisons since 1965 has stopped shopping in the supermarket, while a staff claimed that “I’ve worked for Morrisons for the last six years and the last 16 months have been the worst.” Such type of comments about a supermarket is particularly dangerous, given a study conducted in 1999 by customer service research firm TARP shows that: * One unhappy customer tells ten people about their experience. Each of these ten people tells another five people, meaning up to 50 people get to know of one person's poor experience with a firm. * central-e-commerce unfolds that a dissatisfied consumer will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience. About 13% of dissatisfied customers will even tell more than 20 people!| * Loose customers * May lose market share. * Competitors will begin to take over your customers. * A disgruntled customer will quickly spread the word about the poor service he received from your company. * Bad customer service can also lead to decreased profits. * The organisation will gradually fail to withstand its good reputation and staff may have poor morale. This may mean your customer service...
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