Cliffs Notes for Mattel 2012

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* Pick your company as a team:


* Get an annual report and 10K or similar recent financial statements from 2011 or most recent year available. Besides Edgar (the government SEC site), and company sites, you may want to look at Hoover or other sources such as Wards, Mergent’s Industry Review, Dun & Bradstreet, or Standard & Poor’s for company and industry info. These can all be found online or through the library (note: for some resources you might need to be connected to IU/IUPUI library by VPN).

10K @ Edgar Online

Mattel Annual Report to Shareholders:

Mattel Investors Web Site:

Mattel Strategic Plan:

* Try to identify the company’s vision. Does it have an apparent core ideology? BHAG?

1) Founder Elliot Handler’s Legacy “To bring joy to children and parents around the world.” 2) Focus on the power of play through Corporate Responsibility 3) Mattel 12 Days of Play™ program - creates extraordinary, magical play experiences for underserved children around the world. 4) In 2011, Announced the Mattel Sustainable Sourcing Principles, which will advance the use of sustainably-sourced paper and wood fiber in packaging and products. 5) Focus on Increasing Total Shareholder Return (TSR)

* Identify the company’s primary product areas/SBU's (strategic business units). How large is each unit, and how do they fit together?

1) Core Brands:
* Barbie®
* Hot Wheels®
* American Girl®
* new brand franchise, Monster High®

2) Key Entertainment Properties
* Disney Princess®
* CARS 2®

3) Acquired HIT Entertainment

4) The company operates through business units divided on a geographic basis between domestic and international.

The domestic operating segments include:

* Mattel Girls & Boys Brands
* The Mattel Girls & Boys Brands includes:
* Barbie fashion dolls and accessories,
* Polly Pocket,
* Little Mommy,
* Disney Classics,
* Monster High,
* Hot Wheels,
* Matchbox,
* Battle Force 5,
* Tyco R/C vehicles and play sets,
* Radica,
* Toy Story,
* Max Steel,
* WWE Wrestling,
* Batman products
* and games and puzzles.
* Mattel Girls & Boys Brands US gross sales were $1.78 billion in 2011, up $149.5 million or 9%, as compared to $1.63 billion in 2010. * Within this segment, gross sales of Barbie® products increased 8% * Gross Sales of Other Girls products increased 23%, driven primarily by higher sales of Monster High® and Disney Princess® products, partially offset by lower sales of Little Mommy® and Polly Pocket® products. * Gross sales of Wheels products decreased 5%, driven primarily by lower sales of Matchbox® products. * Gross sales of Entertainment products increased 14%, driven primarily by higher sales of CARS 2® products, partially offset by lower sales of Toy Story® 3 products. * Cost of sales increased 9% in 2011, as compared to a 10% increase in net sales, primarily due to higher product costs and higher royalty expenses as a result of increased sales of products tied to licensed properties.

* Gross margins increased primarily due to price increases and product mix, partially offset by higher product costs. * Mattel Girls & Boys Brands US segment income increased 18% to $483.5 million in 2011...
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