Class Prophecy

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I was still having a dream when my alarm clock roared to life at exactly six in the morning. I focused my eyes on the cracks of the ceiling then I held my passport on my right hand. “Ava Kyara Pellosis, this is your time to shine “, I told myself. I’ll be flying to America at ten in the morning. This is a dream come true. After being the Philippine’s top model, I’ll be going to a new world today to show more of myself.

After an hour, I found myself sitting inside the plane. It also happened that I was sitting beside Jenilyn Casao, a certified public accountant. She looks slender and she’s still wearing her beautiful smile. She informed me that Emilio Joshua Santos is the pilot of the plane.

When we arrived at the airport, I received a phone call from my manager. She told me that a car will pick me up and it will lead me to my new condominium. After thirty minutes, I found myself comfortably lying on my big white bed. My manager called again to tell me that I can do whatever I want tomorrow but I’ ll have TV guestings on the following days.

Shopping is the first thing I did in my first day in Las Vegas. At 6:00 pm, Lorie Mae Francisco, the most sought- after field newscaster here in America called and informed me that she needed to meet me this evening at Chow Keng, the most popular Chinese restaurant owned and managed by Wendell Vincent Keng.

When we started our conversation, she directly told me her intention. She informed me that their final thesis paper was lost and that she is dying to find it because her group mates have been calling her for weeks, asking her where it is to be found. To lighten the mood, I asked her about her group mates. She told me that Wowie Destura is now a pilot and Lea Chua is the owner of the Shisumi Airlines, the biggest airport in Asia. I decided to pick up my phone to dial the phone number of my Creative and Technical Writing teacher, Ms. Gina S. Ave. Her voice never changed and she’s still speaking in English fluently. After telling her about the lost thesis paper, she answered that according to the latest security guard of ACC, the thesis paper entitled: “Pneumonia: The Most Common Lung Infection“, was gotten by a military man who visited the ACC campus a year ago. I ended our conversation after thanking her. I let Mae know everything Ms. Ave told me. I promised to help her and she hugged me upon hearing what I said. Before ending our conversation, I also shared some things I know. I mentioned that Ralph Delgado, Christian Paul Tillo and Karl Cepres are now popular car racers in Canada. She made a bigger smile when I told her that Andrei Nichollo Reus is the inventor of the robot that can do all household chores. She almost jumped when I told her that Kenneth Inocencio now owns the Microsoft Corporation and professional computer programmers: Rechard Pornes, Jefferson Lijat, Michael Dela Cerna, Filfin Tolentino and Julius Ceasar Ramos work in his company. I ended our conversation by telling her that I have to take my rest because I’ll have a pictorial tomorrow with Claudette Anne Aguila, the most promising photographer in Hollywood and was awarded as the “Photographer of the Year” by the Times Magazine last year. I left Chow Keng and started to drive my new car which I bought at Brillantes’,the company owned by Erikka Quinola. While driving home, I remembered that I could use the gadget I bought from John Louie Posadas, the most handsome business man of today to find my batchmates. He is married to my manager, Keseiah Cuevas who is now the America’s Songbird.

Before falling asleep, my manager called to inform me that she cancelled my pictorial, TV guestings and interviews this week. My guesting on a TV show hosted by Ian Karlo Obtinario will be replaced by a dance performance of Doris Feraer, the girl who almos reached the popularity of Britney Spears.

My alarm clock woke me up the next morning. After all my dramatic scenarios, I found myself sitting inside my car and ready to...
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