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Topics: Sociology, Morality, Deviance Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: May 31, 2013
SORCERY AND CONCEPTS OF DEVIANCE AMONG THE KABANA, WEST NEW BRITAIN * In the Trobriands, sorcery was both a criminal practice and a method of administering justice. * Sorcery may be either deviance per se, or it may be the control of deviance. * The Kabana have multiple levels of political negotiation that go into a decision about whether an act of sorcery is deviant. * KABANA MORALITY

* Among the Kabana, the framework of ideal social values and morals is grounded in concepts of human nature and the obligations inherent in the structure of human relations. * Relations among individuals and groups do not exist in the abstract but always and only in connection with someone or something else * Offended persons may select from a hierarchy of responses of increasing complexity to restore and restructure their interpersonal relations. * Self-regulation entails that all individuals are deemed to be in control of their own existence, and, therefore are accountable to, and responsible for, others. * Self-help is the principle whereby individuals who perceive their rights to have been infringed may rightfully take retaliatory action against those who have infringed about them. * Kabana label behavior, not individuals, as deviant.

* The negative sanctions in no way implies an intent to permanently discriminate against or stigmatize an offender. * The label an individual permanently as deviant is to place him or her outside the pale of human relations as a social pariah. * There is no intentional discrimination against, and no stigma applied to, offenders, for to stigmatize persons is to set aside and mark them permanently as incorrigibly different, thus denying them the opportunity to redress the imbalance in social relations caused by their offenses. * Most reactions to deviance occur at the level of personal relations, though they may involve whole families * LOWER LEVELS OF SOCIAL CONTROL

* All Kabana relationships are...
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