Chapter 7 Key Terms Speech

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Chapter 7 Key terms

1. Accuracy- the source’s correctness or truthfulness.
2. American Psychological Association- those who utilize a social scientific approach to exploring communication. 3. Background information- provides context for your topic.
4. Bias- the attempt to unfairly attempt to influence someone or the perception of something is also a concern. 5. Chicago Manual of Style- Who conducts rhetorical research. 6. Communication/ Mass media complete- allows the same for journals and mainstream references related to communication and journalism. 7.dwey Decimal Classification System- Organizes information into ten major classes, which are then dived into ten divisions which each have ten sections. 8. Enkyklios paideia- Rounded education.

9. Evidentiary information- information that supports main porints within a speech and is directly related to the topic. 10. Formal survey- employs scientific methods to ensure random sampling, reliability and validity. 11. Global plagiarism- Stealing an entire speech or paper from a single source and calling it one’s own. 12. Incremental plagiarism- failing to give credit for parts of a speech borrowed from a source. 13. Informal Survey- the person preparing a speech asks a handful of people their opinions on a topic to add context to a topic. 14. Information literacy- the ability to figure out the type of information you need, find that information, evaluate it use and properly use it. 15. Interviewing- allows for more information from an individual than survey, which aggregates group responses. 16. JSTOR- allows a researcher to explore only academic journal articles related to politics. 17. Lexis- Nexis- a source specific database available to many researchers. 18. Modern Language Association- when you research in other fields within the liberal arts and humanities. 19. Patchwork plagiarism- stealing ideas from more than one source and pawning them off as your own. 20. Plagiarism- not to give credit to people whose...
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