Chapter 27 History Quiz

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Megan Golden
RDNG 4240-502
Assessment Idea

Assessment is the ongoing, systematic collection of information on all students. Reading Assessment is one of the pillars of effective reading programs. Assessing reading skills can be very repetitive and can easily get boring. Many students dread to be tested especially the ones who struggle with reading. Finding new ways to assess students in reading will help not only you but more importantly the student. There are many different ideas in which you can assess a student in reading other than just by paper and pencil. There are many projects, games, and online software available. For my particular idea I chose to pick a game. I recently observed a classroom where the teacher used this particular game, and I realized how much the kids enjoyed the game while also learning. Dividing the class into a team to do a game is always a good idea because its take pressure off of weak readers. After dividing the class into two different teams, call on a student and hold up a flash card, then have the student pronounce the word. Make a tally mark each time the student pronounces the word correctly. By keeping up with who had more tally marks and rewarding the team who had more always helps encourage the children. Also while doing this activity, be sure to make note of any students who were struggling. By making these notes it will let you know which student needs assistance.
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