Chapter 1: Marriages and Families over Time

Topics: Family, Marriage, Kinship Pages: 7 (1759 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Chapter 1: Marriages and Families over Time
1. Contemporary definitions of marriages and families
a. What is marriage?
i. Union between people that unites partners sexually, socially, and economically ii. Relatively consistent over time
iii. Accords each member certain agreed-upon rights b. Types of marriages
iv. Monogamy: one person married to another person of other sex v. Serial monogamy: person marrying as many time as they like prior to marriage ending by death or divorce vi. Polygamy: heterosexual marriage when individual of one sex marries several people of other sex vii. Polygyny: one male has two or more wives

viii. Polyandry: female has two or more husbands
ix. Cenogamy: group marriage which all women and men simultaneously married to one another c. What is a family?
x. A group of people bound by ties of blood, marriage, or adoption d. Types of families
xi. Family of orientation: family into which a person is born and raised xii. Family of procreation: marry or have intimate relationship with someone xiii. Nuclear family: mother, father and siblings

xiv. Extended(multigenerational family): one or both parents, siblings and other relatives including grandparents e. Race, class, gender, and sexual orientation
xv. Four of the most important social categories of experience for individuals and families xvi. Interrelated or interactive categories of social experience that affect all aspects of human life 2. Family Functions and the Debate over Family Values

f. Social functions of families
xvii. Regulation of sexual behavior
1. Norms: rules of conduct directing people to behave in certain ways xviii. Reproduction
2. Society must produce new members to replace those who die or move away 3. Societies motivates couples to have children
xix. Social placement
4. New members born must be placed into social structure to preserves order and stability 5. Statuses: position in a group or society
6. Roles: set of behaviors associated with a particular status xx. Socialization
7. Lifetime of social interaction which individual learn proper values and norms 8. Children learn language through parents and accumulate knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and values of the social and interpersonal skills necessary to function effectively in the society xxi. Economic Cooperation

9. Families responsible for physical and economic well-being for all members of family 10. Families are still productive economic unit
11. Women provide critical economic support to their families whether in agriculture or by earning income in informal or formal labor xxii. Care, Protection, and Intimacy
12. Humans need intimacy and need other human beings for care and protection during illness, disability, or other dependencies 13. Families provide love, care and emotional support to lead happy, healthy and secure lives xxiii. Contrasting views of families

14. Many view family as flawed and its breakdown the major source of society ills a. Illegitimacy, divorce, declining educational standards, drug addiction, delinquency, violence, HIV/AIDS 15. Others view family as foundation of society

16. Political conservatives want men to be the breadwinner and protector of women and children 17. Political liberals view the patriarchal family the major source of women’s oppression and inequality 3. Debunking Myths about Marriages and Families

g. “Traditional family”
xxiv. General view of families
18. Members loved and respected one another and worked together...
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