Chapter 1

Topics: Ethics, Medical ethics, Medicine Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Chapter 1 Review

1. List three areas where health care practitioners can gain insight through studying law and ethics. The three areas are the rights, responsibilities, and concerns of health care con summers. The legal and ethical issues facing society, patients, and health care practitioners as the world changes. The impact of rising cost on the laws and ethics of healthcare delivery.

2. Define summary judgment.
Summary judgment is the legal term for a decision made by court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for a trial because there is no genuine issue of material fact.

3. Define bioethics.
Bioethics is a discipline dealing with the ethical implication of biological research methods and results, especially in medicine.

4. Define law.
Law is the rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority.

5. Define ethics.
Ethics is the standards of behavior, developed as a result of one’s concept of right and wrong.

6. How is unethical behavior punished?
Unethical behavior by a medical practitioner can result in loss of income and eventually the loss of a practice, if as a result of that behavior, patients chose another practitioner.

7. Define etiquette.
Etiquette is the standards of behavior consider being good manners among members of a profession as they functions as individuals in society.

8. How are violations of etiquette handled?
Violations of etiquette among the health care practitioners lead to ostracism from chosen groups. Exclusion would be the way the association would handle this.

9. What is the purpose of a professional code of ethics? The main purpose is to govern behavior of members and to increase the level of competence and standards of care within the group.

10. Name five bioethical issues of concern in today’s society. Five bioethical issues are: first, what ethics should guide...
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