Chapter 1

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Pharmacology Pages: 3 (1278 words) Published: December 7, 2012
2. Discuss and debate whether the often considered “benign” drug known as marijuana is or is not addictive. In your discussion/debate, consider the finding by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that in 2008 for persons age 12 or older, 41% (102.4 million) of illicit drug users used marijuana during their lifetime, and past-month users of this drug accounted for 6.1% (14.2 million) of all illicit drug users. Do you think this often-considered “benign” drug is harmless to society? Marijuana is addictive. It is often considered “benign” because to the many users of the drug, it isn’t harmful, like alcohol and cocaine; it just gives a high. But any substance that alters the mind and behavior has high risk of the user becoming addicted to it. The pleasure or euphoric sensation marijuana gives the user can be desired to the point where they are dependent upon the substance to keep their mind and body in that pleasurable sense of high. Basically, when the pleasure center of the brain is activated, the substance that is keeping it activated (like using marijuana) will be used more and more to maintain it, which often leads to addiction of the substance. Heavy use of marijuana can lead to many brain and behavioral disorders, which in the end is why it is harmless to society. 3. What is the future of prescription drug abuse? For example, how much will it increase in the years to come? Do you think prescription drugs will ever become the drug of choice? Will prescription drug abuse ever surpass the use of marijuana? Should parents be prosecuted for not guarding their legally-prescribed drugs, if their children are caught using their parents’ prescription pills? I believe the future of prescription drug abuse will be increased significantly as more individuals try to find ways to cope with the financial burdens of these days due to the national economic crisis. With the increase of depression in individuals, I think there will be more...
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