Chap 10 World History Study Guide

Topics: British Empire, United States, Ireland Pages: 3 (681 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Section 1 – Democratic Reform and Activism
1. What did Britain become in the late 1600?
2. What does Parliament consist of and how are the members selected in each house? 3. In the early 1800s, what percentage of people had the right to vote? Who ran the government and why? 4. Why did Parliament pass the Reform Bill of 1832? What changes did it make? 5. What changes did the People’s Charter of 1838 petition for? 6. Who presided over all this historic change?

7. By 1890, several industrial countries had universal male suffrage, when did women gain the right to vote in Great Britain and the United States? 8. Which organization became the most militant organization for women’s rights? Who was the leader of this organization? What did they do when they jailed to keep their cause in the public eye? 9. The France’s National Assembly finally agreed on a new government in 1875? What was the name of this new government? 10. Explain the Dreyfus Affair. What did this case or scandal show about France and most parts of Western Europe? 11. What are pogroms?

12. What did these events in Europe convince the Jews to work towards? What is the name of the movement to achieve that goal? Who was the leader of that movement? What was the end result of the efforts of that movement?

Section 2 – Self Rule for British Colonies
1. What did it mean to be a dominion?
2. What lands did Captain Cook claim for Britain? And when? 3. Where did Great Britain establish a penal colony and why did they? 4. What country was the first to give full voting rights to women and the only country to allow women to vote before the 1900s? 5. Who are the Maori people?

6. What was the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829?
7. What was the Great Famine? Where did most Irish immigrants go during the Great Famine?

Section 3 – War and Expansion in the United States
1. When did the United States win...
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