Ch 23 Apush

Topics: Reconstruction era of the United States, American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Laura Johnson

Oliver O. Howard - the Union general who in 1865 became the first head of the Freedmen's Bureau Andrew Johnson - the man from Tennessee who was added as Lincoln's running mate in 1864 to sew up the election by attracting War Democrats and the Border States Alexander Stephens - ex confederacy president, was indicted for treason but let out as Christmas present. Served in congress. Thaddeus Stevens - the crusty Pennsylvania congressman who led the radical Republicans during Reconstruction William Seward - the Johnson secretary of state responsible in 1876 for their outstanding foreign relations achievement Freedmen’s Bureau - The first kind of primitive welfare agency used to provide food, clothing, medical care, and education to freedman and to white refugees. First to establish school for blacks to learn to read. 10 Percent Plan - Lincoln’s plan to restore union. fear of planter aristocracy it brought caused wade Davis bill, which was pocket vetoed back. (10% had to vote to secede) revealed republican differences Wade-Davis Bill - A plan in 1864 for Reconstruction that denied the right to vote or hold office for anyone who had fought for the Confederacy. Lincoln refused to sign this bill because he thought it was too harsh. “Conquered Provinces” - south was returned as those by congress according to radical republicans Moderate/Radical Republican - said south never left, agreed with Abe, quick/quiet reconstruction, not harsh on south/ south is traitor, south is conquered provinces, military occupation in south, clean out south and start over, federal protection of black rights Black Codes - South laws passed by Johnson that kept tight restraints on the freedmen. Included no interracial marriages and no service on juries. Sharecropping - way of keeping blacks enslaved; economic slavery Civil Rights Act - congress put dead dog Johnson by passing it. Gave blacks rights as US citizens. republicans in congress for it, south against it Fourteenth...
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