Causes of World Poverty

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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The causes of World Poverty
1. Lack of resources and opportunities in developing countries * While the poor in first world countries and other welfare states may enjoy some amount of financial aid, this is sadly lacking in many other countries with a burgeoning poor population * For instance, nations in Africa lack basic infrastructure, let alone welfare policies. * This further illustrates the poor’s dependency on external financial aid, which necessarily requires the work of both local and foreign governments * Thus most people in poverty have no control over whether they have access to such grants and aid, rendering any amount of determination on their part immaterial 2. Corrupt Government

* For example, in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in SEA, a significant amount of food and monetary aid did not reach its intended beneficiaries, but was tucked away in the pockets of greed officials * In such cases, the needy are at the mercy of a larger external force a work, which tragically does not deliver on promises. 3. Lack of access to education, which is caused by a slew of social problems over which they have no power to change. * For example, numerous countries in the Middle East, such as Oman and Yemen, hold on to strict patriarchal values that subjugate women in their society. Girls who hit puberty are denied education due to religious traditions that demand the segregation of the sexes. * The poor who have no political influence are at the mercy of radical religious groups that use violence to ensure compliance * Their inability to revolt against the unjust conditions they have been born into has resulted in less than half of the female population in Egypt being literate, and even lower rate of unemployment 4. The fate of the poor is often bandied by international powers * Economic superpowers such as the US wield vast amounts of influence over poorer nations and their people by virtue of their...
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