Should Wealthy Nations Be Required to Share Their Wealth Among Poorer Nations by Providing Such Things as Food and Education? or Is It the Responsibility of the Governments of Poorer Countries to Look After Their Citizens Themselves?

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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It is obvious that the gap between countries of the third world and the rest of the world is becoming a great deal larger nowadays. Therefore, some people think the advanced countries should support poor ones in the terms of food or education while others think the latter should take action on their own to have a better life.

First of all, people from wealth nations and poorer ones are all human beings so it is difficult to look at, hear of or talk about people who lack education or even basic human needs like food or clothes without any sympathy and compassion. Therefore, the world powers such as The US, Japan or the EU should support the underdeveloped nations by providing food and education. Sharing for a better world is not only a good deed but a duty itself. Moreover, this help might create trade relationships among nations. Developed countries that share their wealth with poorer nations can have access to cheap labor and plentiful natural resources from the poorer nations.

Although the support from developed countries is very essential, it should stop at providing food, health care and education. Otherwise, underdeveloped countries may become dependent on the aid. This can lead to the economic and political influence. Poor nations may be forced to do what rich ones want. In addition, if the world becomes equal, it will lead to the lack of motivation. People will wait for the help and stop working.

To conclusion, in my opinion, the rich nations can encourage the poor ones best by helping them to help themselves by teaching them how to produce food effectively and how to organize an education system properly.
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