Causes of the Crimean War

Topics: Crimean War, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: December 19, 2011
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Topic: Assess the causes of the Crimean War


1. Russia vs Ottoman Empire
The war was brought upon by the balance of power in Europe. The fate of the Ottoman Empire began to be referred to by the name of “The Eastern Question”. After the Ottoman Empire began to grow weak following its defeat by Russia, Europe would see Russia looking for more places to expand around the Mediterranean. Because of Russia’s previous hold on the Holy Lands of Europe, the loss of this power upset her. The Ottoman Empire was forced to give France rights to the Holy Lands as France began to use force against the Ottomans. The Crimean war was fought for the sake of Europe rather than for the Eastern Question; it was fought against Russia, not in favour of Turkey.”– A. J. P. Taylor. The loss of Russia’s rights of protection to the Holy Lands in Palestine evoked great tensions between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Eventually this led to a proposition towards the Ottomans to give up the rights to the Holy Lands to Russia to ensure Christian safety. The Ottomans disagreed and war was declared between the two. “Mutual fear, not mutual aggression, caused the Crimean war.” – A. J. P. Taylor

2. Why France was Involved
France stayed alongside Britain in the fear that Russia was going to become Europe’s most powerful people. By allowing the Ottomans to give Russia the power to protect the Holy Lands, France and England would become significantly inferior. Napoleon III made many attempts to stop this process. He went directly to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to request for the rights to the Holy Lands. Austrian help towards Russia was expected by all parties, but was denied by Austria’s neutrality. Seaman says this is because of Franz Josef being a “handsome Habsburg dimwit”.

3. Why Britain was Involved

Britain was sent in when the forces between Russia and the Ottoman Empire began to get carried away. Britain was also...
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