Case Studydubai-Land of Mega Projects

Topics: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Palm Islands Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Case Study, "Dubai-Land of Mega Projects”
Hydrpolis—This Hotel is presently under construction. It was originally planned in 2006 but has been delayed because of financial constrictions. The Hotel will feature three parts: the land post, the connection subway and the 220 suites found in the underwater leisure complex. The Palm Islands- The Palm Islands of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates are the world's largest artificial islands, each manmade into the shape of a palm tree. The Palm Islands can be seen from space. Each of them is shaped like a palm tree, but there are no actual palm trees there. The project took just four years to complete and each island required nearly 12 million pounds of rock and more than 53 million pounds of sand from the ocean floor to construct. Jumeirah, the only island open to the public, houses the Burj Al-Arab seven-star luxury hotel. The Palm Jumeirah also includes residential property as well as commercial attractions like The Trunk, 16 Fronds and Crescent. In total, the Palm Islands house 60 luxury hotels, 4,000 residential villas, 1,000 water homes, 5,000 shoreline apartments and multiple marinas, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities, health spas, cinemas and dive sites. The World- This is another artificial island project. It is a group of 250 man-made islands that when viewed from above are in the shape of the world. The islands were intended to be developed with tailor-made hotel complexes and luxury villas, and sold to millionaires. One article I found says that some of the islands are sinking back into the ocean, although the developers are denying it. Dubailand- Dubailand is a unique multi-faceted district of sporting, entertainment, and retail attractions sitting alongside growing residential communities. It is home to a number of exciting attractions such as a shopping mall, entertainment complexes and sporting events. Future plans for Dubailand feature developments such as City of Arabia, Palmarosa and Dubai...
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