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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Week 2 Case Study: Barbara Norris

1. What are the problems on GSU? Do they have a lot of problems or just a few? The problems at GSU with in this nursing unit are numerous. There seems to be a big disconnect between management, a lack in leadership, a lack of communication, no team cohesiveness, low morale, and no support system to name just a few. Trust has eroded the unit into a state that is going to be challenging to fix without the support of all team members. The team’s lack of strategy to deal with new floating staff that is ill equipped to handle one on one with patients should never get to a point that is GSU’s norm. The senior nurses that spend their time complaining about others should be challenged to train the people

2. Why do you think Norris decided to hold an off-site? What are the advantages? Any disadvantages? We think Norris decided to hold an offsite meeting to get the workers out of the negative work place and attempt to get the team to socialize to help build team cohesiveness. Having the meeting in a new environment could enhance new communication and innovation for the group. Another advantage was that the team was able to open up and air out some of the issues that have been affecting the team. The disadvantages are that the meeting became a complaining fest quick and a number of issues were discussed but no solutions were presented. Another disadvantage to the off-site meeting could potentially be that other employees who did have to work could not make the meeting, if it was held on site there is a possibility working employees could have made a part of it, avoiding any more barriers within the group. However, an off-site meeting does avoid distraction and work related interruptions. Also no team building was done so no team cohesiveness was achieved. The problems Norris found were long standing for this unit, discussing and clarifying the team goals probably was not going to happen at this first meeting, which while...
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