Cape Information Technology Unit Two Module Two – I.T. Tools for Remote Communication Use of Information Technology Tools to Access and Communicate with Remote Information Sources

Topics: Telephone, E-mail, File Transfer Protocol Pages: 5 (1798 words) Published: March 25, 2013
USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TOOLS TO ACCESS AND COMMUNICATE WITH REMOTE INFORMATION SOURCES Information technology - the tools and techniques used to process and communicate information Remote information source - information held in or on a computer or other medium which is not located in the same physical location as the person wanting access to this information. In order to access remote information sources one will need a tool or a set of tools which are both hardware and software. The following is a list of such tools – some hardware, some software, some both: Communication software - programs used to provide remote access to systems, and exchange files and messages in text, audio and/or video formats between different computers or users. Communication software runs on computers, tablets, mobile phones and other specialized devices. Some examples of remote communication software are terminal emulators, file transfer programs; instant messaging programs, real time chat programs (IRC), teleconferencing and video conferencing software, and email programs. Browsers – short for web browser – a software application used to locate, retrieve and also display content on the World Wide Web. The content handled by web browsers includes text, images and video. A web browser is made up of HTML code and operates under the HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) Email systems – software for creating, sending, receiving and organizing electronic mail. Modern desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird offer advanced features for managing email, including WYSIWYG editors for composing email messages, anti-spam and anti-phishing security protection, advanced search capabilities, and rules and filters for more efficiently handling and organizing messages and email folders. A large number of online email services, called webmail, exist with features and functionality for managing e-mail similar to their desktop email software counterparts. Some of the more popular online email services are Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL Mail. Email systems also need an email server which is a computer configured to be the email post office with the task of managing the email service. It receives stores and dispatches email messages to and from email addresses. Facsimile systems – A facsimile machine is a device that can send or receive pictures and text over a telephone line. Fax machines work by digitizing an image i.e. dividing it into a grid of dots. Each dot is either on or off, depending on whether it is black or white. Electronically, each dot is represented by a bit that has a value of either 0 (off) or 1 (on). In this way, the fax machine translates a picture into a series of zeros and ones (called a bit map) that can be transmitted like normal computer data. On the receiving side, a fax machine reads the incoming data, translates the zeros and ones back into dots, and reprints the picture. A fax machine consists of an optical scanner for digitizing images on paper, a printer for printing incoming fax messages, and a telephone for making the connection. Telephone – colloquially referred to as a phone, the telephone is a point-to-point telecommunications device that transmits and receives sounds, usually the human voice. It's most basic function is to allow two people separated by large distances to talk to each other. A business telephone system is a system where multiple telephones are used by businesses in an interconnected fashion that allows for features such as call handling and transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, private and shared voice message boxes, etc. A business telephone system can range from just a few phones in a small business up to a complex private branch exchange (PBX) system utilized by large businesses. Business phone systems can function over the Public...
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