Busn319 Final Exam Study Guide

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BUSN319 Final Exam Study Guide

* Your final exam is comprehensive
* It covers all TCOs and all assigned course work: Chapter readings, Lectures, etc. * The total points for the final exam is 300
* There are 33 multiple choice questions (18 @ 5 points each; 15 @ 8 points each) * There are 3 essay questions @ 30 points each
* You have 3.5 hours to take the final exam
* Reminder to SAVE frequently, because when the time limit is reached you will automatically be exited from the exam * The exam contains three pages and they do not need to be completed in order * If you experience technical difficulties please contact the Help Desk 800-594-2402

Proper Citations
Remember to always use proper citation when quoting other sources! This means that ANY borrowed material (even a short phrase) needs to be placed in quotation marks with the source (URL, author/date/page #) immediately following the end of the passage. Changing a few words in a passage does NOT constitute putting it in your own words and proper citation is still required. Borrowed material should NOT dominate a student’s work, but should only be used sparingly to support your own thoughts, ideas, and examples. Heavy usage of borrowed material (even if properly cited) can jeopardize the points for that question. Uncited material can jeopardize a passing grade on the exam. As a part of our commitment to academic integrity, your work may be submitted to turnitin.com, an online plagiarism checking service. So please be VERY mindful of proper citation.

* Be sure to address ALL parts of the multi-part essay questions for full points consideration. * Your answers should be comprehensive and address each part of the question but also stay on track and avoid being verbose. * Do not spend too much time on spell check. Unless your answer is not understandable, points will not be taken off for minor spelling issues.

Study Topics
* Writing a...
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