Fin 3050 Final Study Guide

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  • Published : December 9, 2011
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Final Exam – 3050 - 2011

For the final, and drawing upon past experience, most students do well on computational problems tied to multiple choice, or multiple choice. In 20 years of teaching, I have also discovered that students struggle on conceptual problems, bringing together two (2) to three (3) concepts, in one problem, which is an introduction to life. If I were taking the exam I would first make sure I knew exactly what the question was asking, because during tutoring seldom do I find a student doing this, which should be basic. I find too many students are looking for a formula while reading the question. In fact last year, during tutoring, a student asked 4 times for the formula while I was reading the question, which was “given these conditions what is the face value of the bond.” (hopefully we all know it is $1,000)

The final will have 24 questions. There will be 15 multiple choice worth 4 points each, 10 fill-ins worth 3 points each, and two (2) fill-in worth 5 points each. As always, I will probably give credit for work attempted. You will also be entitled to use one 8 by 11 page of notes, front and back.

If I were studying for this exam, I would among other things, make sure I knew the following topics: FORMULAS AND DEFINITIONS!!!!!!!

Options – calls and puts, Equity/Bond valuation, T-Bills, T-Notes.
Muni – bonds. CAPM Variance, standard deviation APR/EAR Capital Structure, financial, real assets HPR, PV, FV,

Constant growth DDM, valuation, plowback, payout, growth...
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