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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Communication Classes
Assignment: Writing Business proposals
Value: 20%

A business proposal is a report that combines information delivery and persuasive communication. The proposal is a request for managers to take action on a suggested business plan. Proposals are either internal or external. Internal proposals are designed for consideration within an organization. Funding and other support will come from within the organization. External proposals requests decisions from parties outside the organization. This proposal may be for sales purposes but may also request a grant, investment, scholarship or other funding/ support. Use the scenarios below to guide the writing of your own proposal (follow the template given). The completed proposal will be handed in for marking. In addition each group will be required to do a 6-8 minute PowerPoint presentation summary of your proposal in class. This will also be graded. The rubric is detailed herein. Proposal tasks

1. You are an information architect working in the Marketing and Logistics Division of a international retail store that does good business in your country. Write a business proposal for an advertisement campaign that will focus on the marketing of a new drink being imported by your company. Your advertisement must take a multimedia approach. It must include a website and at least two other media. You have the freedom to name and brand your product. You must include in your presentation a sample of your web page design.

2. The number of under graduate programmes at CMI has increased considerably but no facilities have been put in place for students enrolled in them. Most students who opt for part time studies on these programmes are mature, working people who attend classes in the evenings and on weekends. As members of the Students’ Union who have met a number of these students, propose the creation of a Students’ lounge with the...
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