Assignment on Developmental Psychology

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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Assignment (14th September)

OBJECTIVES: through this assignment student will…

• Gain knowledge and understanding about a topic of interest in developmental psychology

• Become a critical consumer of information

• Expand his/her experience using the university library

• Summarize and synthesize information in written form

• Develop psychology referencing style (APA)


1. Select a topic from the list provided

2. Submit a one-page written proposal (typed and double spaced) that includes the following:

• Topic

• Brief statement of why the chosen topic is of interest to you

• Brief statement of what you (think you) already know about the topic

• List threes sources – ONE ORIGINAL SOURCE (BOOK) + TWO JOURNALS you (think) will use for information (this can change, if need be)

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Submit your proposal at the beginning of class on Wednesday 5/10 or Friday, 7/10.

EXPOSITORY ESSAY: Write a 1500 words References Expository Essay that explains your topic. Your essay should provide a very clear, detailed analysis and the importance of your topic to Infant/Child/Adolescent Development. University-level writing is expected in structure, tone and delivery


Below is a list of possible topics for the developmental psychology assignment. Within each topic there are many sub-areas (e.g. the challenges and benefits, causes and consequences). In your essay, focus your attention on the impact it has on development, particularly to the infant/child/adolescent’s learning, health, and relationships

Alcohol (Pregnant women/Teenage brain)
Child Abuse/Neglect
Day care
Death (point out children’s view)
Drug Abuse
Grandparents as parents
Media violence
Single-parent families

Grading will be discussed in a later class