Business Journalism in India

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Business and Magazine Journalism (combination of Niche I and II)

1 Growing importance of business journalism, a brief history(2)

2 The structure of financial management in the country starting with the Finance Minister, (5) rest of the bureaucracy, RBI governor, Planning Commission, SEBI, Banking sector

3 The Budget preparation and presentation, factors influencing the annual budget, role of (5) subsidies and foreign exchange reserves

4 Companies, balance sheets, AGMs window dressing of balance sheets, the loopholes (the case of Satyam) (5) 5 Stock exchange, Sensex and its ups and downs, need for stricter monitoring, how to (5) cover Stock Exchanges, qualities of a good stock exchange reporter

6 Ethics for business journalism. Should it be a watch dog or servant of business houses? (5) Role of freebies, junkets, five star attractions and need to resist them

7 Magazine journalism: The Indian scene, eclipse of the general interest magazines, (5) stagnation of news magazines, scope for special interest magazines. The role of the consumers purchasing power more important than editorial content

8 Magazines during post emergency boom Success of ‘India Today’. How can magazines (5) compete with the challenge posed by TV which now covers sports, celebrities, life style, news and business. How to find out if there is a niche for new magazines. Comment on Travel, Health, Technology and career-guidance magazines

9 Western craze among glossy women’s magazines, Better fare offered by regional (5) women’s magazines

10 Writing and editing for magazines, special skills needed. Importance of the rewrite desk (4)

11 Role of Alternative media to deal with people’s issues. Scope for magazines devoted to environment and civic issues(4)

Business Journalism- It’s all about Money!

* Pink papers
* The ‘pink papers’ refer to financial newspapers like the Economic Times, which are referred to as ‘pink’ because they are all printed on salmon pink newsprint like many Western financial dailies. * Business reporting

* Company/Corporate news, announcement of deals, appointments, capital raising etc. * Regulatory announcement
* Political news with a business implication
* Stock market
* Bond
* Equity
* Currency
* Commodity
The movement in the above mentioned segments and the reasons for the same, make for a story. * Unorgranised and Organised sector.
* Business Media
* The business media focus on stock prices, growth rates, market shares, bottom lines and such. * For a complete story one should look at what fundamentally influences the other. E.g Tata Nano * Its complicated but interesting.

* Business journalism is a big, broad multifaceted thing. There are science writers and financial writers and social issues writers. There are corporate writers, so there’s a whole range if you work for a business publication. Newspaper’s business writers tend to write about business. * 3 factors why the Indian media is in limelight

* 1. Democracy is the first reason. It allows us to read, write, make, watch and listen to whatever we want. It gives investors a range of options and market, a depth unlike other Asian markets. * 2. Profits and Returns. On the back of the ad and pay revenues, operating margins for a bulk of the listed M&E have risen anywhere between 15 to 100% over the last 3 years. * 3. M&E liberalization began in 2003. Regulation freed publishing to get institutional money. DTH licenses were issued. Add radio and multiplex sector and media sector was free to talk to the investors. As a result every part of the industry is ready to build scale and realize its potential. * Film companies have been professionalizing, publishing is expanding all over the country, broadcasters have more options like the DTH and broadband to sell...
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