Post Purchase Consonance-Disonance Factors for Times of India

Topics: Scientific method, Telephone, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: October 21, 2011

Times of India,the largest selling English newspaper in India,launched its Coimbatore edition on february 14th 2011. Though the initial launch was planned on 2010 , the launch was delayed for some reasons. The delay has led the people to expect more from the paper. This survey was done to find out whether the Product has made its expectations post purchase. OBJECTIVE:

To understand the product & distribution issues pertaining to Times of India. •To know about the market position of TOI in Coimbatore.

Dependent variable - Customer Satisfaction
Independent variable - Distribution factors, content & ambience.

Target population- 150
Method of data collection-questionnaire
1.Continuous Delay in delivery increase the level of customer dissatisfaction among the readers. 2.Lack of proper content and ambience affect the sales of the TOI .

Mllliman .E.Ronald & J. Decker .J. Philip
There is some limited research which has shown that post-purchase communication is one method which can be employed to help reduce cognitive dissonance, alleviating the probability of negative customer reactions after the sale. The first studies that appear on the subject were conducted by Hunt (1970) and Stevens (1971). These early studies investigated the effectiveness of post-purchase communication on dissonance reduction. They both deal with traditional retail business situations, rather than direct mail or mail-order methods of marketing.

However, they are included here to illustrate the type of research that has been conducted which deals with using post-purchase communication (specifically, in the modality of a written letter mailed to the customer / subject) to reduce cognitive dissonance. They are relevant to the extent they demonstrate that post-purchase communication, in certain modalities, can be useful in...
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