Business Entity Assignment

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Caesars Entertainment Corporation dba Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana The Horseshoe Casino is a huge corporation and the owners benefit from not being held personally liable if the corporation should fail. Secondly, their stock is desirable because it can be bought by anyone as it is traded publically. This gives Caesars Entertainment the opportunity to receive more money from selling more stock. Lastly, it benefits the Horseshoe to have a structured management. The size of the corporation is huge and when you have more than one or two people involved in business decisions, it reduces the risk of bad decisions being made.

Pediatric Dental Partners, LLP
The Pediatric Dental Partners, LLP is a group of pediatric dentists that operate in Bossier City. It is a group of four dentists that specialize in dentistry for children, adolescents and special needs children. As an LLP, if one dentist is sued for malpractice, the other partners will not be held liable. Secondly, partners are taxed on their individual tax returns so there is no double taxation. Lastly, the formation and yearly renewal fee is rather inexpensive. CellXion, LLC

CellXion, the shelter division of Sabre Industries, Inc., is the largest telecom shelter manufacturer in the world, according to their website. CellXion, LLC has the advantage of being a limited liability corporation which enables them to run a little bit “freely”. CellXion partners have the advantage of not being held personally and financially liable for the actions of the other partners. Secondly, there is no limit on the type of owner, so they can be owned by a corporation (Sabre Industries, Inc.). Lastly, they can choose how they want to be taxed. As they are owned by a corporation, I would assume they would have to follow the corporations rules for taxation.
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