Business Decision Making Assignment

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Everpia Viet Nam, a company with 100% Korean invested capital is the owner of high-grade Everon bedding- a reputable brand for lots of consumer in Viet Nam. It has already 3 factories in Dong Nai and Ha Noi and now wants to establish one more factories in order to expand its activity. Our company was asked to study and find out the most suitable location that can be the sub-constructors of Everpia base on some criteria. We will collect the information by using variety sources of data and evaluate the company by using survey method (include sampling method, collecting method and questionnaire).

Task 1
1. Prepare and implement a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data The Evepia’s criteria in choosing the most appropriate location for the new factory embraced a plenty of small and medium Vietnamese enterprises (SMEs), the closest geographical match, and the production capacity and behavior toward their partners which specialize in textiles in that location are good. And in order to find out the most suitable province, we have to collect both secondary and primary data. 2.1. The secondary data

The secondary data are data which have already been collected elsewhere, for some other purpose, but which can be used or adapted for the survey being conduct (Bpp, 2004, p.7). So that we can use the secondary data to assess the first two criteria of Everpia: the province which having a large number of textiles companies and short distances between Everpia and those companies. These secondary data below are used: • The geographical location of each province: find out location of the province which is nearest to Everpia Office in Gia Lam (Ha Noi). We can localize it within 50km from Gia Lam and then searching on Google or from the Atlas Geography of Viet Nam to determine the province that reach the condition. • The area of each province: we need to find information about this to know if it suitable for the construction of the factory or not. We can find it on the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam (GSO)’s website, in Statistics data: land used by province. These data bring us the information of the land use on different purposes so that we can know how many areas have been used and if Everpia can build a factory there or not. • The number of SMEs which specialized in textiles: find out the province that has textile is the leading economic power or which province has the big concentration of small and medium textile companies. This kind of information can be found from the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI)’s website of each province. For example: the website, use function “Finding enterprises by branch”. It will provide us the accuracy source on registered firms and their kind of business. And a very important thing that we need to know is the legitimacy of the company. So we must contact a Chamber of Commerce or Government Trade Office to verify their legitimacy. •Population of each province: this data help us to figure out where the human resource is abundant and favorable for employees seeking for the factory. We can search on GSO’s website; there is the data of average population by province there. With all the secondary data above we can choose out 3 provinces that have the best fits with the first two criteria that are provided by Everpia. Besides, it is better that we can see first-hand the reality, by observation we will know clearer about the factors that can influence our decision in choosing the province. 1.2. Primary data

From the data that we have searched from the secondary data the number of SMEs which specialized in textiles, we can list out the textile companies of each province with this information: Name of the company, the location and kinds of textile manufacturing that they do. In order to investigate the production capacity and the firm behavior we need to collect primary data. Primary data are collected especially for the...
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