Busa 250 Grammer Notes

Topics: Sentence, Subject, Syntactic entities Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Section 2 in writers handbook:
A sentence is an independent clause
A sentence has a subject and a predicate
Ex: The in the classroom found grammar lessons extremely tedious

Types of sentences:
Declarative: makes a statement → tigers are dangerous
Interrogative: asks a question → Are tigers really dangerous? Imperative: gives a command → Be careful when you tickle tigers! Exclamatory: expresses a strong feeling → I love tickling tigers!

Basic Sentence Patterns:
Subject + Verb (Pg. 58) → cats jump
Subject + Verb + Object (P. 59) → the cat jumped on the table Subject + Verb in the passive voice (P. 59) → the cat was scared by the table Subject + Verb + Indirect Object+ Direct Object (p. 60)
Subject + Linking Verb+ Subject Complement (predicate adjective or noun) (p. 61) Subject + Verb + D.O. + Objective Complement (adjective or noun) (p. 61-62) There or It + Linking Verb (+complement) + object (p.62-63)

Dependent Clauses
Also known as a subordinate clasues, these also contain a subject and a predicate but they can’t stand alone as a sentence/ They need to be joined to a main clause to make sense The tiger resented being used in grammar examples because he thought grammar was awesome

Functions of Subordinate Clauses
Clauses can be used as grammatical unites in a sentence: noun clauses, adjectival clauses/relative clauses, and adverbial clauses are common. Eg: The tiger knows on which side his bread is buttered (Noun clause: serves the subject, object, or predicate of the sentence. Which is it here?) (see p. 65-66)

A phrase is a group of words that doesn’t have a subject and or/predicate but works as a grammatical unit in a sentence. Verb phrase: Most of the tigers will be arriving at the zoo. (Acts as verb) Prepositional phrase: find TWO in the above sentence.

Noun phrase: find ONE in the above sentence.
Gerund phrase: Tickling tigers can be dangerous if you don’t know how (Gerund acts as subject or object) (main verb =...
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