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Topics: Normal distribution, Probability theory, Standard deviation Pages: 11 (2754 words) Published: February 3, 2013
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Wallace State Community College
Business Statistics I
BUS 271, 3 Credit Hours
Spring Semester 2013
Step One: Read the syllabus carefully.
Step Two: E-mail your instructor, in Blackboard through the email/message area; this will be a tab on left side of your homepage in blackboard. Select create message. Browse for recipient, Terri McGriff-Waldrop, select and fill in the subject line with the topic title, Syllabus. Create message and send. Message should state that you have read and understand your responsibilities for being successful in this course. Make sure you are in complete agreement with the course requirements; this will serve as a contract for this class. If there is something in the syllabus that you cannot follow, include that in your statement. (1 pt. toward your final average) A problem with your personal computer is not a valid excuse for work not completed. If Wallace State experiences a computer problem that will not allow you to work in blackboard, special arrangements for makeup work will be provided for all students. However, personal computer problems will result in the student losing the opportunity to complete test and/or assignments. Waiting to the last minute to submit work or take test and then finding out your computer is having issues could result in a lower class grade.  

Instructor:  Terri McGriff-Waldrop
Office:    Business Education Building, Room 105-A
E-mail:   Terri.Waldrop@WallaceState.edu
Phone:    256.352.8072
Cell:         256 962-1502
Favorite quote:  'Destiny is not a matter of chance it is a matter of choice.' Anon  
Office Hours: Posted on Blackboard Homepage
The successful completion of MTH 100: College Algebra is the prerequisite for this course. Other prerequisites for this course include being comfortable with performing basic computer operations, word-processing skills, navigating the World Wide Web through a browser, sending and receiving e-mails, and the ability to upload, download, and attach files.  

Required Textbook:
Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics with CD, 15th Edition, Lind, Marchal & Wathen, McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishing Co. with CD download for Megastats  
Catalogue Course Description:

This is an introductory study of basic statistical concepts applied to economic and business problems. Included are collection, classification, and presentation of data, statistical description and analysis of data, measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary probability, sampling, estimation, and hypotheses testing.  

Learning Objectives:
1.      List ways that statistics is used.
2.      Know the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics. 3.      Understand the difference between a sample and a population. 4.      Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative variables. 5.      Compare the difference between discrete and continuous variables. 6.      Recognize the levels of measurement in data.

7.      Make a frequency table for a set of data.
8.      Organize data into a bar chart.
9.      Present a set of data in a pie chart.
10.  Create a frequency distribution for a data set.
11.  Present data from a frequency distribution in a histogram or frequency polygon. 12.  Construct and interpret a cumulative frequency distribution. 13.  Explain the concept of central tendency.

14.  Identify and compute the arithmetic mean.
15.  Compute and interpret the weighted mean.
16.  Determine the median.
17.  Identify the mode.
18.  Calculate the geometric mean.
19.  Explain and apply measures of dispersion.
20.  Compute and explain the variance and the standard deviation. 21.  Compute the mean and standard deviation of grouped data. 22.  Explain the terms experiment, event, and outcome
23.  Identify and apply the appropriate to assigning probabilities. 24.  Calculate...
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