Brain and Behavior

Topics: Brain, Cerebrum, Cerebral cortex Pages: 3 (572 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Functional Specialization
• In terms of brain function, what is functional specialization? Functional specialization is the function of the nervous system. Each of the neurons located within the nervous system are grouped into clusters, these clusters have a specific purpose in the body’s function. Such as movements of the limbs, emotions, memory and bodily functions.

• Why is the principle of complex communication important to understand? The principle of complex communication is important because it allows us to better understand how the neural network effects and influences other regions within the brain. Everything is interconnected and understanding the complex communication clarifies just how the brain controls emotions, movements, thoughts, memory etc.

Test Yourself on Lower Brain Structures
Match each brain part with its function:

o_C__ Pituitary glandA. Located above the midbrain at the top of the brainstem; routes incoming messages from all the senses (except smell)
to the appropriate brain areas for processing
o_D__ MedullaB. Part of the limbic system; regulates hunger, thirst, and body temperature and contains the so-called pleasure centers of the brain
o_J__ PonsC. The master gland of the endocrine system
o_E__ Reticular formationD. Located in the brainstem; controls breathing and heartbeat o_F__ CerebellumE. A nerve network that runs up the center of the brainstem; plays an important role in controlling alertness and attention o_I__ MidbrainF. Located at the back of the brainstem; assists in balance and the coordination of voluntary movement

o_A__ ThalamusG. Part of the limbic system; is involved in learning and in forming new memories
o_G_ HippocampusH. Part of the limbic system; is involved in regulation of the emotions of fear and rage
o_H_ AmygdalaI. Located near the top of the brainstem; integrates specific types of information from the eyes and the ears, and sends this...
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