Biology 1309 Review Kingdom Animalia-Protostomes

Topics: Hookworm, Parasites, Flatworm Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Biology 1309 Review Kingdom Animalia-Protostomes

Match the following characteristics with the phylum that they describe; 1. First phyla of animals in which the digestive system is complete. NEMATODA 2. Acoelomate. Platyhelminthes
3. Pseudocoelomate. NEMATODA
4. First phyla of animals with cephalization. Platyhelminthes 5. First phyla of animals that is triploblastic. Platyhelminthes

Define the following:
6. Cephalization= Animals with a concentration of nerves and sense organs in the anterior (primitive head-brain), and with a concentration of sensory structures in the anterior region of the body. 7. Bilateral symmetry= 2 sided body plan

8. Coelomate= Animals with a true coelom or body cavity completely lined by mesodermal tissue and with mesenteries to hold organs within the body cavity 9. Pseudocoelomate= False body cavity. Cavity between tissues derived from the mesoderm and endoderm, fluid filled and serving as a hydrostatic skeleton. 10. Complete digestive system.= 2 openings, mouth and anus connected by the food tube. 11. Dioecious= Seperate sexes; each organism produces either male or female gametes, but not both 12.Parasitism= Form of a symbiotic relationship where one organism is living at the expense of another.

Identify the phulum to which each of the following belong:
12. Schistosoma mansoni (blood fluke) Platyhelminthes
13. Clinorchis sinensis (human liver fluke) Platyhelminthes
14. Taenia saginata (human beef tapeworm) Platyhelminthes
21. Dugesia tigrina, planaria Platyhelminthes
15. Necator americanus (American Hookworm) NEMATODA
16. Taenia pisiformes (dog tapeworm) Platyhelminthes
17. Dracuncula medinesis, Guinea worm NEMATODA
18. Ascaris lumbricoides NEMATODA
19. Trichinella spiralis NEMATODA
20.The intermediate host of the human-beef tapeworm is the cow ???21. Blood flukes, Schistosoma mansonii, are especially a problem in Wading in rice fields 22. The best method for interrupting the life cycle of most parasitic worms...
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