Biology 108 Worksheet

Topics: Atom, Oxygen, Science Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: February 5, 2013
1. Define science – Science is the development of concepts about the natural world , often by using the scientific method 2. Define multicellular organism - are those organisms containing more than one cell, and having differentiated cells that perform various functions. 3. Identify the 3 domains of living things. Which domains include one-celled organisms with no nucleus? a) Organized, Homeostatic & Reproduce. b) Bacteria & Archaea 4. Modern taxonomists (scientists who classify organisms) no longer use the classification of the kingdom of Protists. List the three other kingdoms of Eukarya. Plants, Fungi & Animals 5. List and give a brief explanation of the steps of the scientific method. The steps of a scientific method make up an orderly way of gaining information. The first step is observation where the scientist recognizes that something has happened and gathers the data to research. Then formulate a hypothesis trying to come up with a solution, after more observation of the hypothesis & then finally draws a conclusion.

6. Define "control group." Define "test group." Give an example of a control group and an experimental group being used in the same experiment. Control group is a group in a scientific experiment where the factor being tested is not applied so that it may serve as a standard for comparison against another group where the factor is applied. Test Group is a group exposed to the experimental variable; compared to the control group. An example of an experiment would be the placebo control condition.

7. Two scientific studies have different probability values associated with their results. Study A has p = 0.03 whereas Study B has a p = 0.1. Which study shows the greater confidence level that the results were not due to chance? Study A Explain your answer. Because the lower the p value, the less likely the results are due to chance. 8. Why might scientific information presented to...
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