Biol 1003

Topics: Influenza, Bacteria, Plant Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: December 9, 2011
When did angiosperm plants appear? – 100 million years ago( on blue chart) know this !

Know the word dormit
Do not he to know the monocots and the dicots for test 1
The flu virus non living interties, is not considered living, the smallest living thing is a cell, a virus know the basic structure of a virus Swine flu is a type of flu
A 19 yr old died in LA of swine flu 2 weeks ago
Over 60n yrs old is the main group who usually gets the seasonal flu Know the general magnitude for the flu how many die from the flu how many get hospitalized. Etc. What does H and N stand for ?
Swine and avian flu theres seasonal flu and pandemic flu
The common symptoms of the flu
16 for h 9 for n
Spanish flu- one of the biggest killers in modern history almost like h1n1 - if one pig cell is infected by it
- -the swine flu is 3 different types of flu mixed together - Bird flu, digestive problem, human and pig respiuratory problem - Problem when it mixed with the human virus
CH. 19

-know the general sizes- biggest sizes eu. Prions, etc.
-know mad cow
Where do we find microbes in our family tree of life and protest Bacteria and archae are prokaryotic and eukarya is euchaarotic How are protisit defined and slip into main groups.
How do they get there food?
Parasites that we find specifically in the animal like porotist The kingdoms are sepearted by how they eat their food
The animal fungi in plants are multi cellular protest are primarily uni cellular Green algae- biodiesel and ethanol can be made
Chloroplast phtosynthesis find in plant like protest ands in protest plant kingdom plantae Mitochondria- every cell type use
Basic characteristics of bacteria
Know the relationship b/t the roots in the ground ( bacteria is found in the roots takes oxy out of air etc. bacteria gets sugar form plants the plants get nitrogen from bacteria. Most bacteria does not affect humans does not cause disease cannot use antibiotics to kill virus use antiviral...
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