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Benchmarking is the process of gathering information about other companies in your industry to compare your performance against and to use to set goals. Benchmarking definitions
Process of continuous improvement without reinventing the wheel Process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices from any organization to help your company improve it’s performance and outcomes Process of continuously comparing your company against other organizations anywhere in the world to gain information on philosophies and policies, practices, and measures which will help your company take action to improve its performance

Benchmarking is NOT
Only competitive analysis
Site briefings and tourism
Just copying or catching up
Quick and easy

Benchmarking is...
A systematic and disciplined process of examining your own processes Finding who is better or best
Learning how they do it
Adapting it to your organization
Implementing it
Doing it continuously

Types of benchmarking
1. Competitor – comparing with leading organizations with similar products or services and adapting their approach. 2. Generic –Comparison of functions which are generic in nature in any industry . 3. Internal – a comparison of internal operations by different departments within the same organization. 4. Customer – the aim of the improvement program is

meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

History Of Benchmarking
The method may have evolved in the early 1950s, when W. Edward Deming taught the Japanese the idea of quality control. The term “benchmarking,” however, was not coined by that time Robert Camp, the logistics engineer who initiated Xerox’s benchmarking program and who is generally regarded as the guru of the benchmarking movement,  defines it:

“Benchmarking is the search for industry best
practices that lead to superior performance”
Xerox Case

The company invented the photocopier in 1959 “Xerox” became a generic...
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