Basic Concepts of Effective Communication

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Chapter 1
* Describe the nature of communication in science and technology; * Understand the meaningful process of communication;
* Explain the components of communication;
* Overcome their difficulties in communication;
* Consider the most describable characteristics of an effective style for technical writing; and * Compare and contrast technical writing from nontechnical writing. The nature of Communication

Communication comes from the Latin word con-meaning with, munus- meaning a business, communis meaning common, and commonico-to confer or to relate with one another. In layman’s language, communication emanates from the need to share ideas or information from one person to another by the use of symbols such as words, pictures, figures and graphs. Common Concepts about Communication

Different authorities have common concepts about communication. Some of these are present hereunder. * Communication is a purposive activity which is prompted by need to express ideas, feelings, attitude and course of action to attain a predetermined goal * Communication is the process of conveying and exchanging facts, ideas, and research results. * Communication is a two-way process which entails a communicator and a receiver. * Communication is a continuing process which Is interactive. * Communication emerges in response to the different functions and contexts that it calls for. Be it oral or written, people communicate to ask and give information explain something, agree or argue with others, narrate or describe an event, report an accomplishment, and so forth. * Communication is needed when recent discoveries, inventions and developments in science and technology are to be disseminated. Its importance is also felt when pertinent information should be imparted through letters, reports and memoranda. People are by nature social beings. They have to interact to attain a common goal. In so doing, use of language to communicate their ideas, opinions and feelings is undeniably inevitable. In communication, the skillful use of language can readily influence the opinion beliefs, values and behaviors of the members of an organization. Particularly, the use of simple, concise and accurate language in giving instructions in a certain industry or firm can facilitate mutual understanding between and among employee and employers. Effective communication is one of the determiners of success in any organization. It is an essential instrument in implementing the goals and objectives of a company. It serves as a tool in decision- making , providing permanent record, information from top to bottom level of management, and the like. As such, it plays an important role in the operational efficiency of a form.

Written communication, specification reports, could be considered as the prime mechanism by which technical men and businessmen transmit their messages to action. Likewise, jobs to be done in any firm or organization are formally requested through communication. Findings of researches are known through oral and written communication. Oral presentation of reports is usually done in top-level management meetings. Consider the following illustrations:

* In the morning, the engineer listens to the weather bureau’s forecast for the day over the ratio. * For a panel discussion, the computer technician presents through Powerpoint each detail of the researcher’s report. * A Veterinary Medicine sophomore writes a research paper on “The Effects of Rabies on Humans”.

Each of the abovementioned situations illustrates the call for communication. The individual, in each of the examples cited, enters the common, shared world of other human beings. Aside from oral and written communication, there are other means of communication like facial expressions, Gestures, nods, signal, marks on paper, electric data and others. However, the raw materials of language are the sounds made by the human...
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