Aviation/Aerospace Psychology

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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ASCI 634
Aviation/Aerospace Psychology
Term 2165



1. You have been selected to participate in a pilot selection program for a start-up airline. Will the component tests be primarily abilities or performance tests? What resources might make future selections procedures more effective? What things will you need to do to be sure that you have produced a good selection battery?

a. The component test’s will actually consist of both primary abilities and performance test’s, as some of the candidates may not have prior military experience or any flight experience at all, their training would be ab initio (from the beginning). b. Some resources that could be used would be selecting prior military pilots or recruiting from aeronautical training schools, and finally recruiting experienced pilots from other commercial carriers. c. The overall selection process should include standardized test scores, college grade point averages, and medical qualifications if military applicant, if choosing an ab initio candidate look for indicators of ability (i.e., trainability) and finally when choosing experienced applicants look at qualifications, certificates, ratings held, check ride and simulator performance scores.

2. How do flight simulators assist the airlines in preparing pilots to make safe decisions in emergency situations?

a. Flying an airplane is not without risk so it is essential that pilots of all levels are ready and prepared for any situation that may take place and it is a lot safer to rehearse emergency situation in a Flight Simulator than an actual aircraft. When a pilot is exposed to a wide variety of emergency situations in a flight simulator the pilot will know what to do and hopefully will learn how to be calm under pressure. The use of flight simulators has saved countless lives over the years as the pilots are...
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