Australian Legal Studies Student Tutorial Book Semester 2

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Australian Legal Studies
Student Tutorial Book
Semester 2

Australian Legal Studies
Semester Two
Tutorial Format
1 session of 1.5 hours duration per week

There is one tutorial session each week and each session will focus on topics from the previous weeks lecture. For example, in week 2 the tutorial will discuss topics covered in the lecture for week 1.

The topics for each weeks lecture and the reading you are expected to do for that lecture are set out in the “Outline and Reading Guide”.
As well as reading from the set textbooks you also need to read the additional readings and resource materials for each unit. These materials are located in the separate Legal Studies Supplementary Material booklet which accompanies this Tutorial Program. The questions which you will discuss or present in your tutorials are listed in this Tutorial Program. Before each tutorial you must complete the suggested reading for that week and then prepare formal, written answers to the questions. You are expected to take an active part in these tutorials by discussing the topics and by raising questions. You will also be given regular writing and a team oral task to complete in tutorials and are expected to refer to decided cases in your answers.

It is essential that you prepare for these tutorials by completing both the reading and writing tasks. This will ensure your success in the program.

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ALS Tutorial Book Semester 2

Australian Legal Studies
Course Outcomes

Australian Legal Studies introduces students to the Australian constitutional and legal framework. It assumes no previous knowledge. The course examines some detail of the major topic areas that students can expect to encounter at undergraduate level. Students will gain a clear awareness of the important institutions and processes in the Australian and Global legal environment and be exposed to current political and legal issues. Content

At the end of the course successful students will have developed an:  understanding of the origins and sources of Australian and International law  understanding of comparative legal systems and the responses of domestic law to global challenges

 awareness of how cultural differences impact upon the legal system  appreciation of the impact of law on everyday life and on business operations
 understanding of basic legal terminology and concepts
 ability to analyse legal cases and apply the law to a range of situations  awareness of the complexity of legal issues in the global business environment and in the world of e-commerce
 awareness of a variety of dispute resolution processes in Australia and from a global perspective

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ALS Tutorial Book Semester 2

Skills Outcomes
At the end of the course successful students should be:
 competent in both oral and written English language communication skills required for successful undergraduate study
 proficient in using a range of communication technologies  able to think critically and analyse problem solving questions in legal studies
 able to engage in independent and reflective learning
 proficient in locating and using information from a variety of sources  able to work in groups and teams
 familiar with teaching and learning styles at Australian universities  able to behave ethically and take responsibility for their own actions and educational outcomes
 effective at task and time management
 aware of different cultures and understand alternative viewpoints

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ALS Tutorial Book Semester 2

Student Assessment in
Australian Legal Studies

Standard Program Assessment schedule




Semester 1 exam

1.5 hours


Final exam
(Sem. 2 topics only)

2.5 hours


Preparation & Participation

Full year

10 %
(2 x 5%)

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