Attachment Theory

Topics: Reactive attachment disorder, Attachment theory, John Bowlby Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 7, 2013
As stated in our text book, “The most important aspect of social development that takes place during infancy is the formation of attachment.” (Feldman, R. S. 2010, pg178) That is a pretty powerful statement, considering everything that is going on in the lives of infants. Prior to reading and researching this particular subject, I thought I had a fairly good grasp on attachment. I have an 11 year old “Daddy’s Girl” and a 5 year old “Mama’s Boy”. I know firsthand many of the characteristic and qualities of parent/child attachment. However, much to my surprise there are many aspects I was unaware of, as well as the meticulous mix of biological and psychological issues involved. For instance, I was unaware of the lasting affects attachment or lack thereof, has on a person for their entire life. The results are lasting and can be either beneficial or detrimental.

In my research I was introduced to a couple of conditions previous unknown to me, inhibited reactive attachment disorder (RAD) and disinhibited reactive attachment disorder. These disorders are rare and typically stem from abuse (Feldman, R. S. 2010, pg181). Individuals suffering from inhibited reactive attachment disorder (RAD) will display many of the following signs; Reduced hygiene condition, underdevelopment of motor skills, bewildered appearance, unfocused, under stimulated, blank expression, no evidence of the usual responses to interpersonal exchanges, basically a person with no since of joy what so ever. On the complete other side of the spectrum, disinhibited reactive attachment disorder individuals will display quite the opposite characteristics. Instead of having a reserved outlook, these people tend to throw caution into the wind. They will give hugs to complete strangers and will approach anyone for comfort or food. (Spitz, R. 1946)

How does this subject of attachment blend with different parenting styles? As stated in or text book reading last week, through Mary...
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