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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Assess/Evaluate| Determine the value of, weigh up the effectiveness of something (but not so that it is your personal opinion) and give evidence from your course materials to support you evaluation| How far/ to what extent| Look for evidence or arguments for and against and weigh them up in terms of their value| Give an account of/ account for| Explain the reasons for, clarify and give reasons for| Analyse| Resolve into its component parts, examine critically or minutely| Explain| Give details about how and why something is so|

Criticise| Make a judgement backed by a reasoned discussion of the evidence involved, describe the merit of theories and opinions or the truth of assertions| Discuss| Explain, then give two sides of the issue and any implications| Describe| Give a detailed account of|

Summarise/Outline| Give a clear, short description, explanation or account, presenting the chief factors and omitting minor details and examples| Compare and contrast| Find and show the similarities and differences between two or more items, perhaps reach a conclusion about which is preferable and justify this| Examine the argument that| Look in detail at this line of argument|

To add a point| * Also, ... * In addition, ... * Similarly, ... * Not only did ..., but ... also * Moreover, ... * Furthermore, ...| To contrast two points| * However, ... * Although ... * On the other hand ... * Yet, ... * Nevertheless, ... * In contrast, ...| To illustrate, or to give an example | * For example, ... * Clearly, ... * That is, * ..., namely,| To move on to the next point | * Then, ... * After this / that ... * Subsequently, ...| To note consequences| * So, ... * Therefore, ... * As a result, ... * Consequently, ... * Despite ... * Since ...| To summarise or conclude | * Finally, ... * In conclusion, ... * To conclude, ... * To summarise, ...|...
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