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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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BUQU 1230
Assignment #1

Solve the following 3 problems:

1- Consider the data set for the sample of 10 minisystems that is posted on the course web site. Open the Excel “Minisystems” file and answer the following questions: a. What are the elements in this study? How many elements are in the data set? Brand & Model

b. How many variables are in the data set?
5 Variables (Price, Sound Quality, CD Capacity, FM Tuning, and Tape Decks) c. Which of the variables are quantitative and which are categorical? Categorical: Sound Quality, FM Tuning, and Tape Decks

Quantitative: Price and CD Capacity
d. What is the average CD capacity for the sample?
e. What percentage of the minisystems provides an FM tuning rating of very good or excellent? 40% + 30% = 70%
f. What percentage of the minisystems includes two tape decks? 40%
g. Report the average price of minisystems for different classes of Sound Quality. |Fair |170 |
|Good |314 |
|Very Good |350 |

2- Suppose that there are 30 students in a classroom and that they have a grade point average listed in the following table. Construct a frequency distribution table that summarizes the data into 6 classes. Calculate relative frequency and percent frequency for each class and use a graphing technique to chart your data. What type of chart would you use to present the frequency and percent frequency for this data?

Student GPAs:

|GPA |Frequency |Relative |Percent | | | |Freq. |Freq. |
|0-0.69 |1 |0.03...
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