Assess the Security Threats Facing Network Infrastructure

Topics: Computer network, Access control, Authentication Pages: 4 (944 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Design and implement a security system ICANWK601A

Case study Design and implement a security system


Assess the security threats facing network Infrastructure
Evaluate mitigation methods for network attacks and different types of malware Propose a methodical concept of defending network architecture Network architecture defense
A job brief is the clients understanding of their requirements. You need to prepare a plan of your secured network for the client’s approval. A network design plan consists of the physical and the logical views of the network. A physical network is the hardware such as cables, switches, hub etc. A logical network is the addressing used to connect these devices Job brief-secure wireless network for a coffee shop

You need to install a wireless network for a coffee shop. They require certain network devices such as a firewall, router computers etc. It is a coffee shop where they want a wireless access point for their customers to login while drinking coffee. They have an Cisco approved wireless access point that you can use. They also require computers for front and back of desk. They require a server and hard drive backup with offsite storage capability. They have given you a floor plan layout of the coffee shop (Coffee shop.pdf). You will need to construct an elevation plan. Wireless networks have strengths and weaknesses. A strength is the flexibility as there are no wires making it easier to install. There is no need for wall outlets with hidden cable. The weaknesses are security, speed and interference. Security solution documentation

Performance criteria
Written reports using the following headings
Assess the security threats facing network Infrastructure
Secure edge devices (routers)
Implement authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) and secure access control system (ACS) Mitigate threats to routers and networks using access control lists (ACLs) Implement secure network management and...
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