Checkpoint Week 4 (Wireless Networking)

Topics: Computer network, Wi-Fi, Wireless access point Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Checkpoint Week 4|
Joseph Barnes|


Wireless networks have become very popular in many households this is in part because it makes things convenient for the user. They physically do not have to sit in front of a computer to get access to it. I have a wireless network in my home and it is at times very useful. I have the freedom to move around and access the internet from anywhere in my home. I do not have to sit in front of my computer and use the computer which would be wired. With that one advantage will also come a disadvantage one that comes to mind is video streaming which would be a little stronger coming from a wired network. New security has been configured also and would make it hard to access as it would have to be in a certain operating distance. In doing my research I came across a variety of hotspots. These hotspots are businesses that will offer wireless internet access to its customers. Some of these businesses will offer this access free while you are in their establishment others will offer a paid service fee for the privilege to access the internet. In my research I found that one establishment The FedEx Office requires a fee of $29.99 a month to use it wireless networks. Two others that I researched the local train station and a Dunkin Donuts offers its customers free wireless access. All three also provide a user agreement and in that agreement it states that the establishment is not responsible for the user content and is not liable for what downloads that the user will access.
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