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Periods and their Artists
* Chapter 3 Egypt
* Old Kingdom (2700-2190 BCE)
* Imhotep – Stepped Pyramid of Djoser
* Chapter 5 Ancient Greece
* Archaic (600-480 BCE)
* Andokides Painter –Achilles and Ajax
* Ergotimos –[and Kleitius] Fracois Vase
* Euphronios –Death of Sarpedon
* Exekias –Achilles and Ajax; Suicide of Ajax; Dionysis in a Boat * Polykleitos –Doryphoros
* Classical (480-320 BCE)
* Kalikrates –Temple of Athena Nike; [ and Iktinos] Parthenon * Lysippos -Apoxyomenos
* Mnesikles –Propylaia, Erechtheion[Porch of the Maidens] * Myron –Diskobolos
* Phidias –Acropolis; 3 Seated Goddesses E. Ped.
* Polykleitos the Younger –Epidauros
* Praxiteles –Hermes and Infant Dionysos
* Theodoros of Phokaia –Sanctuary of Athena
* Hellenistic (320-30 BCE)
* Alexandros –Aphrodite of Melos
* Epigonos –Gallic Chieftain Killing His Wife and Himself; Dying Gaul * Hagesandros –[and Polydoros, Athanadoros] Laocoon and His Sons * S Chapter 10 China
* 6 Dynasties (220-579)
* Gu Kaizhi – Imperial Instructress to Court Ladies * Wang Xizhi –Letter Feng Ju album
* Song (960-1279)
* Fan Kuan –Travelers Among Mtns and Streams
* Xia -12 Views from a Thatched Hut
* Xu Daoning –Fishing in a Mtn Stream
* Zhang Zeduan –Spring Festival on the River
* S Chapter 11 Japan
* Asuka (552-646)
* Tori Busshi –Shaka Triad
* Heian (794-1185)
* Jocho –Amida Buddha [at Byodo-in]
* Toba Sojo –Frolicking Animals
* Kamakura (1185-1392)
* Kao –Monk Sewing
* Kosho –Kuya Preaching
* Chapter 12 Roman Empire in the East/ Byzantine
* Early Byzantine (527-726)
* Andrei Rublyev –Old Testament Trinity
* Late Byzantine (1204-1453)
* Anthemius – [and Isodoros] Hagia Sophia
* Chapter 19 Gothic to Renaissance
* Italian Gothic (14th century)
* Berlinghieri, Bonaventura –St. Francis Altarpiece * Cambio –Santa Croce and nave, Florence
* Cavallini, Pietro –Seated Apostles
* Cimabue –Maesta
* Di Cambio –[and Talenti, Orcagnia] Santa Maria del Fiore (aka Duomo) * Duccio –Maesta; Entry into Jerusalem; Betrayal of Jesus * Giotto –Maesta; Lamentation/ Scrovegni Chapel(aka Arena Chapel), Padua; Death of St. Francis, Bardi Chapel, [and Pisano, Talenti] Campanille * Lorenzetti, Ambrogio –Allegory of Good Government in the City/Country * Lorenzetti, Pietro –Birth of a Virgin

* Martini, Simone –Annunciation altarpiece
* Orcagna –[and Bernardo Daddi] Tabernacle/ Madonna and Child with Saints, Orsanmichele, Florence * Pisano, Andrea –Life of John the Baptist/ Burial of John, S.Doors, Baptistery, Florence * Pisano, Nicola –Nativity/Pulpit, Baptistery, Pisa, * Pisano, Giovanni –Nativity/Pulpit, Sant’Andrea, Pistoia; Sienna Cath, W. façade * Chapter 20 Northern Europe and Spain (15th century)

* Northern Renaissance France
* Fouquet, Jean – Etienne Chevalier and St. Stephens/ Virgin and Child, Melun Diptych * Limbourg Brothers – Tres Riches Heures of the Duc de Berry * Flanders
* Bosch, Hieronymus –Garden of Earthly Delights, Creation of Eve, Hell * Bouts, Dirk –Wrongful Execution of the Count; Justice of Otto III * Broederlam, Melchoir –Retable de Champmol Annunciation/Visitation/Presentation/ Flight to Egypt * Campin, Robert –Merode Altarpiece

* Christus, Petrus –Goldsmith in his Shop
* David, Gerard –Flaying of the Corrupt Judge Sisammes * Memling, Hans –St. Ursula Reliquary
* Sluter, Claus –Well of Moses
* van Eyck, Jan –Ghent Altarpiece; Giovanni...
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