Apush Chapter 5 Outline

Topics: American Revolution, British Empire, Boston Tea Party Pages: 21 (6317 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Chapter 5; Roads to Revolution Outline
1. Boston massacre
a. March 5, 1770
b. Crowd of poor/working class Bostonians protesting British soldiers abusive treatment of an apprentice c. British troops killed 5, wounded 6
d. One of many events that led to bad relationship with England/American colonists 2. 1763 England tightened control over its colonies, igniting rebellion e. Colonists were shocked, believed English were trying to take away the colonists independence/prosperity 3. Many different types of people were attracted to the resistance f. In port cities poorer colonists often had violent demonstrations against British officials g. Colonists in backcountry resisted large landowners and colonial government h. More and more colonists defied the elites

i. Many women were involved in colonial resistance
j. Blacks and Indians had varied views when it came to resistance 4. Resistance was peaceful until 1775
k. Before tactics included legislative revolutions and commercial boycotts l. Although demonstrations became violent, very few colonists died until the battles of Lexington and concord The Triumph of the British Empire, 1750-1763

1. A fragile peace, 1750-1754
a. King George’s war failed to establish either England or France as the dominate power b. 7 years’ war (1756-1763) constituted a major turning point in history c. Ohio valley was a place of conflict

i. Competing claims by Virginia, Pennsylvania, France, Iroquois, and the Indians who already lived there ii. French began building forts there in 1753
iii. 1754 France drove George Washington and his troops out of Ohio valley d. Albany Plan
iv. 1754 delegates from 7 colonies met in Albany to make plans for mutual defense with Indians v. Virtually all Indians in Ohio supported French
vi. Albany plan was a proposal for a colonial federation based on the ideas of ben franklin and Thomas Hutchinson vii. Plan called for grand council representing all colonial assemblies, w/ a crown appointed executive officer viii. Grand council would make policies regarding military defense and Indian affairs, and demand funds from the colonies ix. The plan failed, but became precedent for later American unity 2. The 7 years’ war in America, 1754-1760

e. Virtual state of war in north America because of Washington’s clash with French in 1754 f. In response, England dispatched General Edward Braddock and 1000 troops to Ohio to seize fort Duquesne g. July 9, 1755 850 French, Canadians, Indians ambushed Braddock’s force of 2200 9 mi. east of Fort Duquesne, Braddock’s troops retreated h. 900 on British side died, compared to just 23 on French/Indian side i. French armed natives attacked encroaching English settlers in western Pennsylvania. Maryland, and Virginia, these attacks halted English expansion and prevented these colonies from joining England in war against France j. French and Indians took fort Oswego in 1756 and fort William Henry in 1757 k. By 1757 England seemed to be facing defeat

l. Tides turned for the British
x. 1758 Iroquois and most Ohio Indians signed treaty to abandon support of the French, enabling England to capture fort Duquesne xi. Some Indians even joined England fighting
xii. William Pitt took control of military affairs, reinvigorated British patriotism 1. Was symbol of what Americans/British could become once united 2. Mobilized colonial soldiers, promised them that if they fought parliament would pay for the war 3. 1758-59 colonists gathered 40,000 troops

xiii. By 1759 French were driven out of New York, Quebec fell xiv. 1760 French resistance ended when Montréal surrendered 3. The end of French North America,...
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