Apple Marketing Research

Topics: Bluetooth, Personal computer, Video game console Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Kamille Turnbow
Product Idea and Rationale
MBA Student
July 17, 2011

Apple Company is an innovative company known for their highly advanced computers and their mutli media player the Ipod. In keeping up with the trend of innovative new technology we would like to focus and create an idea that will continue to follow with this forever changing world. The idea we have is the wireless mouse. The mouse is more than just wireless, it has an motion sensor and moves with the wave of your hand. Similar to the game consoles the Wii and Kinect by Xbox. The wireless mouse would be strapped to the hand by use of a velcro band to navigate the computer. The target market would be current Apple users, mainly because the item is an accessories to the MAC. Nevertheless we would like the item to attract new customers as well. The target market would consist of this generation’s frequent computer users and gamers. The gaming industry is very larger and can be a very good market to tap into. There are several games that would benefits from this idea. Games as simple as solitaire could benefit from motion sensor remote/mouse. This product provides a service of convenience and innovation. I believe the consumer would be wowed be the new advances. It’s also convenient in the since you can navigate the PC with being right next to it. Users can keep their hands in front of the key board. You also will be able to play games on your PC like the Wii console and Kinect. This would be especially convenient for traveling purposes if a laptop is owned.
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