Aphrodite in Greek Mythology

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Possible Interview Questions
Give an example of a lesson you taught, which abides by the goals set forth by the common core standards. How do you differentiate your assessments? Give an example.
How do you use data to inform your classroom management and the learning of your students? How do you differentiate instruction?
How do you involve parents and the community in your lessons in order to enhance the educational experience of your students? How do you manage students who continually disrupt the learning environment? What is your comfort level with co-teaching, and do you have any particular strategies that you prefer when co-teaching? What does a classroom of engaged students loom like?

Are you familiar with the RIT process? How would you go about initiating an RIT? How do you use technology to engage your students?

Interview Advice
Use the words of the question at the beginning of your answer to ensure that you stay on topic. Make sure to consider the demographic of the student population in the school to which you are applying. Scan the entire interview committee even if only one member is asking questions. Monitor mannerisms (ex. hand gestures, facial and vocal ticks, etc.) Have a hard copy of your resume just in case.

Bring a brief/easy to manage project or display of one of your educational experiences. When discussing an example lesson, make sure to take the interviewer through the lesson from start to finish (including hook and closure). 3 minutes or less for each question.

Be specific in your examples.