Ap U.S. History Notes

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution, British Empire Pages: 81 (30961 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Colonial America 1607-1763
Prince Henry The Navigator – Portuguese prince who encouraged navalmen to explore the African coast for weak spots in the muslim defense, started famous navigation school in Portugal Christopher Columbus (1451 – 1509) – Italian navalman who sailed under the Spanish flag, in october 12 1492 sailed the ocean blue, discovered the islands off the Bahamas, discovery marked the beginning of the exploration and the conquest of the new world Amerigo Vespucci – Italian navigator who sailed for spain and explored south america, spain had money, his name was given to the continent by a german cartographer, Demarcation line 1493 – a line drawn 100 leagues west of the cape verde islands, the pope drew it, split the world between Portugal and spain, Portugal gets land east of the land and spain gets west, attempt to limit conflict Treaty of tordesillas 1494 – shifted demarcation line 370 degrees west, gives spain almost all of north and south America, Portugal gets Africa and BRAZIL MOST IMPORTANTLY Spanish armada’s defeat 1588 – the English now rule the seas, sir francis drake led the british navy to defeat the Spanish armada, the victory gave England the opportunity to COLONIZE THE NEW WORLD, spain is now on the decline and England is on the rise in regards to world power Sir walter Raleigh – guy who tried to start a settlement on Roanoke island three times, court favorite of Elizabeth the first Roanoke – the first attempt of English settlement in north America, first two settlements failed, the third disappeared, 1584-1590 Jamestown 1607 – established by john smith, first permanent English settlement in the new world, located along the banks of the james river in the territory of Virginia Captain john smith – NOT HOT, ginger, HAD NO SOUL, saves the Jamestown colony through leadership as a member of the governing council, when he went back to England Jamestown went into a period of starvation, fail. John rolfe – NOT HOT EITHER, saved the Virginia economy by perfecting the ways to raise and cure tobacco, marries Pocahontas, HEADRIGHT SYSTEM*********** - system used in Virginia to encourage immigration by giving 50 acres of land to any settler who brought a servant, a servant is another person to populate the continent, House of burgesses – 1619 – first ELECTED legislature in the Virginia Jamestown colony, 2 representatives from each plantation, white male landowners could vote, representatives meet with governor to help frame Virginia laws Bacon’s rebellion – 1676 – bacon led several hundred backcountry men against governor Berkeley in Virginia, the native americans were hurting the backcountry men, the governor didn’t do anything earlier because he liked fur trade with them, Nathaniel bacon Anglicans (church of England) – started with henry the eighth, official church of the Virginia colony, Lord Baltimore (George calvert) – English catholic, looking for new world haven for other catholics, 1632 – gets land grant for Maryland, Maryland becomes a haven for other christians Maryland’s act of toleration – 1649 – allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep peace between protestants and catholics, catholics referred to as cavaliers Cavaliers (catholics) – loyal supporters of Charles the first, when Charles lost his head in England catholics run towards Maryland James Oglethorpe – prominent humanitarian who led settlers to Georgia, 1732, Georgia was a buffer between Spanish florida and the English colonies, debtors fleed there and other people in trouble with the law Plymouth colony (pilgrims, separatists) – 1620 – pilgrims land in plymouth, massachusetts for religious freedom – left due to persecution for wanting to separate from the church of England, left on the mayflower, originally headed for west virginia WILLIAM BRADFORD******* - first elected governor for Plymouth, served for 30 years, term was 2 years Mayflower compact – might be FRQ with something to do with the formation of the...
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